Over $3 Years of commitment to<br>Ingenuity, Quality & Safety
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HERMON MILTION STARTED BUFFALO Electric IN 1966 determined to create a family business that set the standard for quality, safety and innovation. Today, over 50 years later, Buffalo Electric is still proud to be a family-owned business as Hermon's sons, Pat and Mark Milton, took over the business and strive to continue to uphold it's reputation. The family at Buffalo Electric works and learns together. The company's commitment to quality starts in the classroom where each new employee is diligently trained before being trusted with your valuable projects.

Hermon Milton, his experienced team and their reputation for excellence, has helped the company earn jobs far beyond the city of Baker. Buffalo Electric's resume of work extends through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Florida and Arkansas. Buffalo Electric has been recognized for excellence in training and delivery, yet their biggest accomplishment is building a long-term relationship with clients by continuing to satify them with each new project.